How to SAVE a TON of money while planning your next EVENT! (Article)

Date September 24, 2014

helen blog post 1 300x168 How to SAVE a TON of money while planning your next EVENT! (Article) HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR NEXT EVENT

When it comes to planning events there are many details you need to think about.Two important things are venue and budget. If we look at the venue first you will need to determine the type of venue you need. You could look at holding your event at a hotel, a restaurant, convention center, office meeting room space, banquet hall, etc. If you have people coming to your event from out of town are there places nearby where they can go in the evening to relax for entertainment or to network with fellow attendees?

Next we need to look at budget. What is it going to cost you for the room hire, A/V equipment hire, food and beverage, etc. If you are having a whole day or multi-day event are you going to offer lunch and/or dinner? If you are not offering meals, what is near the venue where people can grab a bite to eat?

When you think about it holding an event can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Think outside the box a little bit. How about holding your event on a cruise ship? You are probably thinking this would be an expensive option. How about if I told you it could actually SAVE you money?

When you hold an event onboard a cruise ship your meeting room space and A/V (LCD Projectors and Microphones) are included. That’s right, you don’t pay extra for the meeting room space or the A/V equipment!!

Another advantage of holding your event on board a cruise ship is you have a captive audience. While at sea most people are unplugged as they don’t want to pay the high rates for Internet or cellphone use. Now you won’t have people leaving to answer a call, checking their email or texting while the event is in session. On a ship it is also more difficult for people to miss sessions as you are bound to run into them at meal times, or out by the pool, etc.

On a ship there is more networking occurring between attendees than what would happen if you held your event at a land-based venue. You can set up dinners to where everyone dines together each night or you can elect to have anytime dining when each person selects when they want to go to dinner.

The ships also have some great shows and entertainment in the evenings where people can choose if they want to attend or they can sit in a bar, café, go soak in the Jacuzzi, etc. I have been on event cruises where you come across some people from the group sitting in a corner of a bar and the next thing you know you have a group gathered with great conversation and networking happening. Sometimes some of the best ideas will emerge from these impromptu gatherings.

Depending on the number of people you have attending your event we can also arrange a group excursion in one of the ports the ship visits. Could be a good team building exercise.

One group had some members who went zip lining together.

Another had a few who went black water rafting through caves on tire tubes.

There are many options where people can get together and do something different outside the event. They may make new friends while at the event, maybe some new joint ventures will come out it.

There are many reasons and benefits for holding your next event on a cruise ship, lets discuss saving you some money and creating the BEST experience for your audience!

When you are up for a discussion on creating an amazing event call, me!   Helen Brahms at 818-528-8300 or click here and shoot me your info, I am thrilled to talk to you!!



How To Keep Out of Social Media Prison! (Article)

Date September 1, 2014

The 5 rules of social media posting to keep you out of hot water with your clients!!social media 300x300 How To Keep Out of Social Media Prison! (Article)

Social Media is a hot topic right now and I am constantly amazed at how many people and business folks have made it so much harder than it really is or should be!  This short little article is to help you just get an idea of a basic plan to keep you from offending any current or potential clients.  A few things to remember and I am sure you can try to convince yourself these are not valid and that’s ok.  EVERYTHING you post is seen and can be seen by almost everyone, I do not care about your privacy settings, challenge me and I will bet you, I can find anything you post as can almost anyone else even if you think you are keeping your business and your personal lives separate.  Remember the concept is called SOCIAL MEDIA.  The platforms whole concept is to connect you to the rest of the world and make it as easy as possible!!  

Here are 5 things to stay away from posting about if you are interested in using social media to build or maintain your business.  Just trust me on this one…… I do this for a living (Consult businesses on using social media for growth).

  • Sex.  I know this seems like it is obvious but I am amazed at how many business people post all about sexual issues and risque photos, thinking only their friends will see it. I would stay away posting that selfie of you shirtless drunk on the bar dancing and doing shots!  Think about what you would think if you happen to see your C.P.A. on a bar in Mexico doing shots!!  No thank you!
  • Religion.  Here is a simple question for you, would you be willing to change your fundamental core religious belief based on a facebook wall post?  Now let me as you this…….  Do you know people who post all about their beliefs?  What do you think?  O.K. let me go another direction.  How would you feel about giving money to a person or organization who you had a complete opposite belief of?  Have I made my point??
  • Sports.  Now this one is always one of the ones that everyone wants to challenge me on and that is perfectly ok.  I am NOT talking about if your little nephew hits a home run and you want to share it with the world.  I am talking about you crazy team fans posting about how your team will crush your rivals.  Again, I invite you to think about how you look at someone you give money to and think about how it looks if they just despise your beloved football team??  
  • Politics.  I can almost use the exact same thought process as religion.  If you would be willing to change who you vote for because of some facebook or twitter posts, then please let me know and I will be happy to try and pursued you to vote my way!! Now I ask you to think about how it would feel if you saw your Business Coach or Financial Planner posting all about who they vote for and it was the COMPLETE opposite of how you vote?  Come on, be serious!! It would really irritate you!! 
  • Negativity.  Nobody cares that you had a crappy experience with your bank or airline, we all have!  However, when you post all about your negative experience what you are really telling the world is that you use your social media megaphone to broadcast your distain for someone or entity.  If you post about all the things you hate or irritated you and I was a client that had a challenge with your company, would  you post about me?  I wouldn’t give you business just based on the chance you would post bad things about me if for some reason our relationship didn’t work out!! Just not worth it!!

I hope this helps you think a bit about how and what you post on your social media profiles.  You can still tell your story and be authentic while staying away from these 5 things that may take away some potential clients or worse yet keep someone from hiring you or your firm!!

Please feel free to connect with me on facebook at twitter at 

If you would like to have a conversation with me regarding social media, marketing or building an online presence please head over to and pick a time that works best for you!!  

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Pet Odor Eliminator that ACTUALLY WORKS! Amazon LOVES it!

Date August 31, 2014


httpPet Peeve Amazon Graphic Front Label White 300x300 Pet Odor Eliminator that ACTUALLY WORKS! Amazon LOVES it! :// 

You have had one of the longest days possible only made worse because you know deep down that your critter is at home feeling lonely because the “cool” parent has been away all day.
You have the cutest, best-behaved critter at home just waiting to be played with and taken for a walk outside or a serious petting session but…

Horrible traffic. An extra long meeting. That last errand to finish ASAP.

You finally walk in the door and those eyes, filled with the look of “I disappointed you,” confirm what your nose has already told you…an accident!

Well, it is all going to be OK from here on out. Even though the stench of urine or a little vomit is there, don’t fear, you have the solution! An enzyme-based, beautiful smelling hard working solution at your finger tips! Pet Peeve is here!With a simple solution you will be one of those pet owners who can enjoy their pets and invite friends and family over for a stink and stain free visit!

Pet Peeve will leave your carpet, furniture and room smelling just like a fresh load of linen laundry. Don’t be fooled by other products that claim they work BUT smell just as bad or worse than your original “accident.”

With odors and stains removed you can enjoy your pet again! Works fantastic with every home critter.

~ Dogs

~ Cats

~ Hamsters

~ Gerbils

~ Mice

Benefits of having Pet Peeve on hand:

Your stinky rugs smell fresh! Your litter box room can now be entered without needing a gas mask! You become the best owner on the block.

Don’t fret about a guarantee, we have you covered with our lifetime, no hassle, money back return policy!

So, let’s get you taken care of quickly! To have your “solution in a bottle” sent to you, hit the orange button on the right that says “Add to Cart.” Grab a bottle for the boat, office, car and even better yet, a gift for friends or a neighbor who doesn’t know they need it!

This is my latest product we just launched on Amazon!  If your house smells like pet pee, then please pick up a bottle!  This is a direct link to amazon so you KNOW it’s safe! 

Pet Peeve Amazon Graphic Postcard Green Graphic 300x300 Pet Odor Eliminator that ACTUALLY WORKS! Amazon LOVES it!

We are so committed to making sure Pet Peeve works that we offer an Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.

Amazon loves feedback by customers as do we so PLEASE leave a review when you have results!

As a side note, if you buy a ton of stuff on amazon, leave the sellers feedback or a review….. that is how amazon ranks products.  It is SUPER important.

Thank you for taking the time to go grab a bottle and leaving a review.  Your house guests will love you!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO AMAZON (It will open in another window so you won’t be forced to leave!

One Sure Fire Way to Get A Client Back…..Pick UP the Phone!! (Article)

Date April 18, 2014

1 Sure Fire Way to Get A Client Back~~ Pick up the phone!

We all hate to lose a client right?? One of the things I know for sure after years and years of doing business is that it is much easier and MUCH cheaper to reactivate a customer than it is to gain a new one. I will assume you know how much it costs you in terms of money, marketing, time and other resources to gain a new customer. Well as a strategist I am here to tell you that is will be less than HALF of that to reactivate a customer that has left!

I will also say that client reactivation is actually much easier and faster than most leaders think. Let’s talk about just one way that based on all of my years of experience is one of the easiest ways to reengage past or lost customers. PICK UP THE PHONE! This is will be one of the hardest from a mental perspective but will yield the best results both in actual reactivation but also in knowledge! For our clients we feel that knowledge is power! Here are a few thoughts about calling an old customer or client and what you might say when they answer.

Apologize for your company’s behavior~~ Most people will leave and not tell you why unless you have some kind of exit interview (Awesome idea but most companies don’t really want to know the answers) so just asking why they left and letting the customer vent and be listened to will go a very long way in rebuilding lost trust or at the very least give you some insight you might not have been aware of! Remember~~ Knowledge is power!

Give an incentive to come back~~ Remember it is way less expensive to get someone to come back so do not be afraid to give them an incentive to come back. Maybe a free month of service, some cash back, waiving of service fees or even an upgrade to a premium package!

Let them know of any new products or service they would find valuable~~ This is not really a sales call but if they left because you didn’t offer a particular service and now you do, let them know. People want to feel special and if you are now offering something they wanted in the first place, let them know.

Ask what they are working on or what they are promoting~~ This is my favorite one because I know how people work and it is easier than ever before to promote someone else. Once you find out what someone is promoting, head over to your social media profiles like facebook or twitter or even better you blog and promote them without any expectations! You will be amazed at how many people will come back if you start promoting their business or kids! Put yourself in that place, how would you feel if your local dentist you left started promoting you and your business on their blog or facebook page??

I tired this technique by calling 10 customers that had left me over a year ago because I wanted to know they were REALLY gone. The results almost scared me to death! After talking to all 10, within one week I had eight of them back as customers!! 8! My guess is there will be one more but I will take 8 reactivated clients over 8 new ones every day of the week!! Last piece of advice~~ GET CALLING!! I would love to hear about your results!!

If there is anything I can do to support you in this endeavor just head over to and pick a time that works best for you!!

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Albert Einstein with an AWESOME business quote and action item! (Article)

Date December 30, 2013

 Albert Einstein with an AWESOME business quote and action item! (Article) Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”
Albert Einstein

Your action for today is to question your perception of reality including your sense of self. Where can you push the envelope today to expand possibilities for yourself and those around you?

Have an extraordinary day!

Here is a book that is under 2 bucks to get you started!! I love reading easy to follow books that I can really sink my business teeth into! I hope you enjoy!!

 Albert Einstein with an AWESOME business quote and action item! (Article) Albert Einstein with an AWESOME business quote and action item! (Article)

Give someone an AWESOME day!!
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Abraham Lincoln with a Business Quote and Action Item?? You bet! (article)

Date December 27, 2013

 Abraham Lincoln with a Business Quote and Action Item??  You bet! (article)

Deep thought…..

Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”
Abraham Lincoln

Your action for today is to read a chapter of a nonfiction book.

I could not agree more with this smart wise man!! I am reading a great book by Gary Vaynerchuk called Jab Jab Jab Right Hook and it is all about helping business people understand how to use story telling in their social media to create massive accelerated results! Here is a link to the book on Amazon if you are interested. Read the reviews, he is AWESOME! Business results are key!! He talks about marketing strategies like no one else of our time. I would love your comments about the book or the quote!

 Abraham Lincoln with a Business Quote and Action Item??  You bet! (article) Abraham Lincoln with a Business Quote and Action Item??  You bet! (article)

Have an extraordinary day!

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Ralph Waldo Emerson with a Quote and business action item! (Article)

Date December 26, 2013

Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Poet and Essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your action for today is to order a different dish at a restaurant or take a different way home.

Have an extraordinary day!

Give someone an AWESOME day!!
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