How to Show Customer Appreciation (ARTICLE)

Date October 29, 2014

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When it comes to business we have to find a way to show customer appreciation to our clients. After all without them we wouldn’t be in business. There are many ways to show thanks to your clients and depending on the size of your business as to what you can do to show your appreciation. You could send them a card, a gift, hold a customer appreciation day or hold a customer appreciation event. One of the best, unique, and memorable ways to show customer appreciation is with travel.

Now you are probably thinking how you can use travel to show customer appreciation. Very good question!

There are different ways you can use travel to show customer appreciation. You can give them a gift certificate for a specific amount to use towards a cruise or tour they wish to take. You could give them a Cruise certificate that have different levels and costs depending on type of cabin and length of cruise.

For the ultimate experience you could take a group of your top clients on an all expenses paid trip. You could do a golf experience where you visit some top golf courses to play a few rounds and maybe attend a major golf tournament. What about a wine cruise? You could do this on the European rivers where you visit wineries and enjoy some amazing food.

Maybe it could be a cruise that includes the Monaco Grand Prix, or a jazz cruise that includes visits to a jazz festival. How about a golf and spa experience. Your clients would have the option to play a few rounds of golf and/or relax in the spa.

How about a spa retreat? There are some great spa resorts where you can relaxing massages, facials, mineral wraps, yoga, etc. You could do a spa retreat on land or on a cruise ship.

The other great benefit of a customer appreciation trip is the great opportunities for networking that it presents. As your group travels together everyone gets to know each other and what they do. Customer appreciation trips can help develop the know, like, and trust factor quicker than a regular networking event with follow-up meetings. You could also strategically select which clients you take on the customer appreciation trip where you introduce them to people who could be strategic business partners for them. The benefit for you is not only do you give them a memorable trip, you also helped their business by introducing them to a strategic business partner. Who are they going to want to do business with when it comes to the product or service you provide?

If you would like more information about how to show customer appreciation please click HERE

How To Reinvent Your Career In Any Situation! (ARTICLE)

Date October 27, 2014

Let’s talk about money and accountability.

1.   What is your monthly income?  So many people do not know this!  I have an insurance business for over 10 years and when I ask this question the most common answer is, ” I know what I make a year and how much taxes I pay every year.”  That is not enough!  In order to financially plan well you need to know what your monthly expenses are whether it is 1,2, or 10 thousand dollars a month.  Without the answer to this question you have no idea how to prepare for a new career because you have no real idea of how much money that you need to make every month.

Include in the planning everything….even your fun.  Let’s be that analytical.  For example the specialty drinks you buy can add up to over $100 a month.

Once you know your real monthly bill you now know what the bare minimum is that you need to earn every single month.

2.  Are you in debt?  How much?  Do you need to make payment arrangements?  How are you handling your debt?  Are you staring at your paperwork…not answering the phone etc?  Is bankruptcy the answer?  I can not answer this however meet with a financial planner.  They are not just for the really wealthy.  Many planners will meet with you for an hour or two for a fee….and it is worth it if you find a good one.  Make sure that they are certified, do monthly budgeting,  can give you advice on negotiating your bills and making payment arrangements.   If you really can not afford this find a good friend and/or someone that you trust to do this with.

3.  You now know your monthly income that you need to live and your debt.  You now have established the real number that you need to earn to live.   What is the plan to do this?

Deep breath…no fear while working…each task is simple and you just keep going.  Next post we start on a plan.

Thanks Casey for allowing me to invade your space.  We will help thousands of people.   I am a member of Casey’s Platinum Inner Circle and so far I have personally invented my career 3 times in my own cancer journey.   I have had stage 4 cancer for over 10 years.  Join me in this series on reinventing your career.

I am 57 years young :).  I am a professional Patient Advocate.  I negotiate medical bills.  I had an insurance business for over 11 years.  I have a great time helping small businesses with their marketing needs using Send Out Cards.  If you want to join my circle or have questions about anything that I do you can email me at  Next post is coming!  Have a great day!

How to ReInvent Your Career for Any Reason…Illness, Job Loss… Part 2 (ARTICLE)

Date October 27, 2014

This is a series.  You have to go back and read the prior blog because we are really going to help you reinvent your career in any way  amy r 225x300 How to ReInvent Your Career for Any Reason...Illness, Job Loss... Part 2 (ARTICLE)that you would like, with tons of information.   However you must do a few things first.

1.  If you are reading this due to illness or job loss in order to re invent yourself you must remember who you are in the midst of hardship.  I am a cancer survivor of many years filled with 20 surgeries, chemo (lost my hair twice), and during this time my ex husband passed away leaving me a single parent of my twin daughters.  The knocks just kept coming.

Every single day I remembered who I had been all of these years…remind yourself everyday of the good stuff and I do not really mean in your physical being…I mean in your mind, heart and soul.   If you are still are….caring…loving…determined …focused…you are still all of those things.  You will take your fabulous qualities and just rearrange a bit .

2.  The negative stuff…the worry…during your focused designated work and/or learning time you will put all of the negative stuff aside.  You will follow the program…one small success at a time …everyday.

3.  I want you to throw your ego out the door…free yourself from what you think you should have had by now and just do it.  No more sadness of what you lost…just thoughts of new things to come to rebuild or keep building…one simple task at a time…one thing at a time.

If you can do these three things along with being consistent and focused you can re invent yourself.  It is not easy and it takes time.  It is possible at any age.

Come back tomorrow and we will start a conversation about how to look at money…making it …saving it …and spending it.

Amy Regenstreif is a professional patient advocate and she negotiates large medical bills.  For over 5 years she helped facilitate cancer survivorship groups.  She recently retired from her insurance business that she had for over 10 years.  She is also is a Send Out Cards Representative and loves to teach small business marketing skills.  She has done of all of this while dealing with her own cancer.

She is a member of Casey’s Platinum Inner Circle.  This is Casey’s space where she is guest blogging.  She can be reached at if you have questions about anything that she is doing!  Thank You Casey!

Here is the link to Part 1 of this series.

How to Re Invent Your Career After or During Illness (ARTICLE)

Date October 26, 2014

Many of us are reinventing ourselves and healthy.   However for a huge group of people that have or are recovering from an illness, reinventing your career is a huge task.   So how the heck do you do that?  Here are some tips that will help you along the way and much of this is as if you were healthy as well!

1. Recognize your strengths and what you are good at.  How would you monetize those strengths?  What would you like to do if you had a real choice?

2.  What is your money situation in a realistic way.  What is your real monthly budget? And I mean your real monthly budget ……How much do you need to really live?

3.  Where your illness is concerned….where do you need help?  Who can help you?  What exactly can your friends and family do for you today?  Be as specific as possible.  They will appreciate that because no one knows how to help you unless you tell them.

4. Career Counseling is important.  If you have been working for someone else for your entire career and now you may be forced to be out on your own due to the economy and/or illness there is lots of free help available to you.

Lastly and most important is to develop a mentality of strength…even in illness.  I understand this very well.

I have had stage 4 cancer for over 10 years and a very rare cancer since 2001.  My blog is   I negotiate medical bills.  I am a motivational speaker to help you organize your life in the midst of medical chaos.  I teach people how to thrive when that seems impossible.  I can help you understand and fight for issues with your medical insurance.  I can be reached at

It is an honor to post here on the Ideal Networker with Casey.  I re invent myself all the time.  The whole life happens thing…while you are making plans…do not let it stop you!   Keep going!  Email me so I can help you!

Here is the direct link to part 2 of this series.

How to get and lose business from a Chamber of Commerce (ARTICLE)

Date October 26, 2014

 How to get and lose business from a Chamber of Commerce (ARTICLE)Someone once told me that Chambers are like the “long con”.  After I stopped laughing, I realized that it’s basically true. It’s almost impossible to go to one chamber event and walk out with business. What you will walk out with is contacts for long term relationships.

For the purposes of this blog, I can tell you that I am the President of a Chamber. Being President puts me in a unique position to see and hear about deals that are working and deals that aren’t. I also get to see who comes out to events on a regular basis, who volunteers for the chamber and who comes to one or two meetings before they quit. All that said, and I’ll address this more a bit later, I get to see who does not follow through on commitments.

So we’re starting with the theory that a Chamber is a “long con”. This means that in order for the con to bring you business, you’ll need to spend time and money. By time, I mean going out once a month to mixers, breakfasts, happy hours, etc…. More importantly, it means signing up for a committee.

If you’re intention is to get business, make sure there are people on the committee that you want to do business with. For instance, I am an insurance agent who writes commercial business, home owners and auto lines.  A great long term relationship for me is someone who writes life insurance and health insurance. This person would not be a one-time referral source for me. The hope is that I pass them clients and they pass me clients. Make sure that there’s someone on the committee that you join that can be a long term on-going relationship and not a one night stand.  537183 405450602873514 1549593561 n 300x178 How to get and lose business from a Chamber of Commerce (ARTICLE)

For others in the chamber and on committees, business may not be the primary reason for being there. Some people join to find and use local businesses, other join to get involved with community.  Whatever reason you join for, I’m going to help you avoid the biggest pitfall of any member…(This information may seem obvious but will have a huge impact on your business).

I’m going to start with a story. One day, a small restoration company joined my chamber (this is good for me…. I use these types of companies so I was very excited). The owner of the company said he was really excited to get involved and give back to the community. He joined two committees and was asked to the join the board. He was amped up about all of the changes we were going to make and really wanted to help. After the first board meeting he attended, he had tons of ideas and things we could do to improve our member services and decided to take a role in membership as one of his committee responsibilities.  Many of you can guess what happened next. We called and emailed him and he wouldn’t get back to us. He never attended another board meeting and eventually, the board had to vote him off.  On the board are three insurance agencies, all of who sat there and voted him off the board. This person will not only never get business from any of us, but lf asked, we would let people know that he is not reliable and not to use him. Basically, in one month, this guy lost any chance at ever getting business from any of the influencers in my community.

The lesson here is an old one and I’m sure most of you know it already. However, just know that if you say you’re going to do something in network situation and don’t follow through, the loss of business is far greater than any gain you will ever get from a chamber.

Chambers can be your greatest asset if you have the time. Be selective on what you say yes to and make sure you know your reasons for getting involved.  Once you know your reason, you’ll be able to take a course of action that will help you get to the end of the con!

If you have any questions on whether a chamber membership will benefit your business, feel free to call me any time. There are some businesses that will prosper and others that will get lost in the crowd. It’s all up to you!

Laine Caspi

Paratus Insurance Services


Dominating Keywords In Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is The Driving Force Behind Success For EVS, LLC.

Date October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014 ) Algona, Washington — Selling products online can be a very crowded space. Understanding how to market productsPet Peeve Amazon Graphic Postcard Green Graphic 300x300 Dominating Keywords In Pay Per Click Advertising Is The Driving Force Behind Success For EVS, LLC.  in an e-commerce environment can be a steep learning curve for most businesses. That is why it is imperative to have a great team in place that can implement a solid marketing strategy which includes a budget for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. One company that is honing its online marketing plan is EVS, LLC, a pet supplies company based in Algona, Washington. The company is dominating a variety of keywords for their carpet cleaner product, Pet Peeve Household Stain & Stink Remover.

“We feel like it is similar to striking gold,” said Casey Dean Eberhart, Co-Founder of EVS, LLC. “It takes time to build data and analyze the results.” He continued, “We can now see that our company is dominating a handful of keywords and that is driving our sales.” Mr. Eberhart is confident that EVS, LLC will continue to boost sales by following, and regularly fine-tuning, their current online marketing strategy. “Our target Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is under 25 percent,” he stated. “We have some stellar home runs as low as 8% and 10% but an overall running average of 21%, so we are staying within our target ACoS figure. Fortunately on our keywords that have high click-to-sale ratios, our average price per click is only running between $0.64 and $0.67.”

EVS, LLC did not state the exact amount current set for their online marketing campaigns. Mr. Eberhart did state that most would be surprised by the modest amount committed that is contributing to their positive results. He encourages new entrepreneurs or online retailers to start small then test and track the data on a regular basis.

EVS, LLC was founded by Casey Dean Eberhart and Brandon M. Vukelich in April 2014. It is based in Algona, Washington with their entire product line currently being distributed online.

About EVS, LLC

EVS, LLC is the maker of the professional strength pet stain and odor eliminator product, Pet Peeve. ((

How To Use Your Voice Mail Greeting to Increase Business~ Tip by Casey Eberhart (Video)(Article)

Date October 15, 2014 (If you would like to chat)

Here is a super quick tip to help you build your business with just your cell phone! Attention span is SUPER important!

Well, call your voicemail and ask yourself, ” Would I Hire Me?” Who wants to do business with a voicemail that sounds like you are either dead or on your way?? Make your voicemail useful for your business.

Here are a couple of things you can do to increase the “value” of your greeting when people call.

1. Sound like you are having a good time, no one wants to talk to a sloth!

2. Maybe give a Quote Of the Day, people LOVE good quotes!

3. Let your callers know about your current sale or offering from your business!

4. Let your callers know about a person you are promoting, like someone in your network!

If you watch this video I actually let you know what I use as my voicemail script!!

I have a ton of tips, if you would like to chat on the phone, go pick a time that works for you!

Give someone an AWESOME day!!