How to realize your true profession as being a NetWORKer (Article) (Video)

Date December 12, 2014

How to realize your true profession as  being a NetWORKer (Article) (Video)

I have to be very transparent here.  When I first began in my Nerium business, I was under the conclusion that I was in the skin care business with Nerium International.  This company has only been in business for 3 years (and already it has earned a spot on the Direct Sales Network list in the top 60  businesses in the world!).  I got into the rhythm of the company, which meant I attended online meetings, continuing company education, conference calls and I followed the system.  Imagine how confused I was when the leaders of this company, the people who share their knowledge, direct us on how to build our business,  kept saying that they’ve been in the business for 16, 25, 30 years.   I wondered, ‘how can that be?’.  After all, as I mentioned, Nerium is only 3 years old!

Pulling back the curtain for you, it finally dawned on me that the business I am truly in is the NETWORKING business and Nerium, the fastest growing company in direct sales history, is the vehicle.  Once I was able to grasp that concept, my focus got clearer.

So what does that mean, ‘my focus got clearer’?  I have a new approach to sharing what I do. I present myself as a business person, because business is my business.  There seems to be a whole different persona with that vision, too.  No longer am I trying to put some skin care in someone’s bathroom—I’m sharing a business opportunity with them—which just happens to be the best, easiest and most affordable skin care that has ever crossed my path.  And, as it happens, this business opportunity has residual income.  Did you know that many direct sales companies allow you to put your business in your will to pass down to your children as part of your legacy?  Nerium is one of those companies. Winner!!

As you go through the process to decide to have a stream of income from a direct sales company, keep in mind that your profession is that of a networker  Choose the vehicle to be a professional carefully.

For more information on Nerium International, visit my website:

Or if you want to talk more in depth about why I chose Nerium as my vehicle, give me a call: 415.713.9030

Pet Supplies Product Mirrors Alibaba’s Single Day Sales Record On Amazon. (ARTICLE)

Date November 21, 2014

EVS, LLC Sets Another Single Day Sales Record, Same Day That Alibaba Boasts The Same.Pet Peeve Amazon Graphic Postcard Green Graphic 300x300 Pet Supplies Product Mirrors Alibaba’s Single Day Sales Record On Amazon. (ARTICLE)

Algona, Washington — Sales for Pet Peeve Household Pet Stain & Stink Remover continue to soar and gave the company an opportunity to rejoice in similar fashion to the celebration taking place at Alibaba on 11.11, which also posted a single day sales record. They were far from the $9 billion in sales posted by Alibaba but are still very excited about the latest numbers. The company exceeded their previous single day sales figure by five percent. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it does seem highly probably that the company will see even greater sales figures.
Casey Dean Eberhart, Co-Founder of EVS, LLC, smiled, “It is nice to have something in common with one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world!” He went on, “All of our targeted strategies are beginning to produce the results we outlined in our initial marketing plan.” Mr. Eberhart also acknowledged the efforts of his support team. “I’m so proud of the people behind me and our company. This is not a one-man-show. Our success is based on a strong, cooperative, group effort,” he stated. According to Mr. Eberhart, they do expect their latest daily sales record to be shattered again in the next 30 days. EVS is planning to ramp up production and expedite delivery as necessary in order to fulfill current levels of customer orders.

EVS, LLC officially launched their Pet Peeve Household Pet Stain & Stink Remover back on September 1st of this year. Sales have continued to grow in the short two months the product has been available to the public online. The household stain remover and carpet cleaner is a brand exclusive to EVS Brands based in Algona, Washington. EVS, LLC was founded by two long-time friends and entrepreneurs in April 2014. It is based in Algona, Washington with all of their products currently distributed online.

About EVS, LLC

EVS, LLC is the maker of the professional strength pet stain and odor eliminator product, Pet Peeve. ((


How To Use Your Voice Mail Greeting to Increase Business, tip by Casey Eberhart (VIDEO)(ARTICLE)

Date November 16, 2014

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> (If you would like to chat) (Blog)

Hey guys, Casey Eberhart here from the Ideal Networker. And today I want to take just a minute or two of your time to teach you a really, really cool trick that everybody can do.

It will take you less than 10 minutes to do. And it will have a maximum impact on your business, I don’t care what your business is.

So here it is.

Let me explain something before I actually tell you the tip. In television, right, what the television producers sell is attention span. And that attention span is your attention span is worth millions of dollars to them going between show to show, otherwise known as commercials.

So here’s the deal. If we know and value our customer’s attention span in the same way that television producers do, how do we capture that attention of our consumers? And how do we talk to them about our product, good, or service?

Well let me give you just one tip that has changed how people leave me voice mails on my phone forever. So here’s the deal. Reach into your phone, reach into your pocket right now, pick up your cell phone and call yourself.

And I want you to ask yourself this simple question. Would I hire me? Or would you hire you?

If your voice mail is [bored voice] “Hi. This is Bruce. Call me, leave a name and number.” Who wants to do business with that? Right? You have your potential clients on the phone listening to your voice mail. This is 30 seconds of time where you can get right to the heart of your consumer and you have their attention.

So make it exciting and energetic. Maybe give a quote, a tip, so on and so forth.

So if you call my voice mail, it goes something like, “Hey, this is Casey Eberhart. Thank you so much for calling. Hey, I’m out having an amazing time working with clients right now, so if you need to get hold of me, you can leave a name and number here. And I have about a 30 percent chance of getting a hold of you. “If you want to talk to me on the phone, the much better way of making sure that I call you back at the time that is convenient for you is to go to and pick a time for your calendar. I want to thank you so much for spending time with me. Have an amazing day. Go and give somebody else an awesome day

Now here’s what that did. What that did is when my prospects or my clients call my phone, I’ve now given them a way to call me. I’ve sounded excited. I’ve given them a website so if they’re on the phone they can do it right there on the spot. I know that if they want to leave me a message they will.

The other way you could do it is to give a quote. “Hey. You know what? This is Casey Eberhart. Thanks so much for calling. Today I just want to leave you with this amazing quote. Opportunities multiply as they are seized. I love that quote because it really enhances my ability to take the world by the horns and go out and create some crazy stuff. “So if you have an opportunity, don’t hesitate to leave it. I love to hear about new opportunities. Have an amazing day.”

Very simple to do. Make yourself excited to be and attractive to be able to do business with. So your tip of the day is call yourself on your cell phone and ask yourself, “Would you hire you?”

If you want to chat with me on the phone, go to Pick a time that works for you. Jot a little note down in the calendar. And I’ll see you on the call.

Have an amazing day. Now go give somebody else an awesome day!

Are Caustic Liquid Drain Openers Harmful To Pipes? (ARTICLE)

Date November 16, 2014

Thelma asks “Are You Doing More Harm than Good with Liquid Drain Cleaners”? the drain co Are Caustic Liquid Drain Openers Harmful To Pipes? (ARTICLE)

Caustic drain openers like Liquid Plumber and Drano are intensely strong and dangerous household chemicals made to clear drain and pipe clogs. We’ve all probably used them at one time or another, and we have probably asked ourselves at some point about their safety and about whether they might damage drains and sewer pipes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using liquid drain cleaners:

1. Caustic drain openers are OK for minor clogs, but they should not be used for major clogs. They can get trapped in your pipes and cause them serious damage. Remember, these are dangerous chemicals.

2. There is also the danger of trapped drain openers mixing with other chemicals. There have been reported cases where a chemical eruption occurred due to mixing. This can cause severe chemical burns and blindness. If you do not know for sure what other chemicals might be present in the pipe, you should probably not try fixing the problem chemically. If you can’t snake the drain yourself, call the professionals at THE DRAIN CO.

3. Repeated use of drain openers simply means you have a more serious, systemic problem with your sewer lines. It is definitely not advisable to keep pouring them (or your money) down the drain. It’s not cost-effective and it’s a potential health threat.

4. Drano and drain-off. It’s long been affirmed that these chemicals run off into groundwater and can potentially find themselves back in the potable (drinkable) water supply. So again, if it’s a minor clog, it’s probably OK to use it in a pinch. However, if you are concerned with our environment, you might want to stick to methods like hot water, Baking soda and vinegar and hand-snaking first. Again, if those fail to work, give us a call and we’ll come out and evaluate your situation.

5. Keep in mind potential problems you may not see. There has been at least a few reported cases like the following: A gentleman pours one of the popular drain cleaners into the drain, two bottles in fact! Well, the drain clog cleared out. As time went on he noticed that his floor began buckling. As you might have guessed, the massive amounts of drain opener he used ate through the pipes and began doing physical damage to the structure of his home, costing him thousands of dollars in repair. There was extensive water damage under the sink and floors. Suffice it to say, this gentleman had to replace the sewer pipes and also had to repair the floor.

If you are looking for a professional drain expert give THE DRAIN CO. a call. 818-344-1114. Check out our site and more awesome articles! THE DRAIN CO

EVS, LLC Feels Extremely Confident In 2015 Sales Projections Based On Latest Pet Industry Figures. (ARTICLE)

Date November 11, 2014

Algona, Washington — Today, it seems that a majority of households own a pet and pet ownership in the United States is still on the rise. One company that is striving to claim their piece of the pet supplies market share is EVS, LLC, a private label business based in Algona, Washington. The company is beating sales forecasts for their Pet Odor Eliminator product, Pet Peeve Household Stain & Stink Remover.

“Growth in the pet industry is projected to be four percent annually through 2018. The number of households owning pets is expectedPet Peeve Amazon Graphic Bottle Front Green Graphic 300x300 EVS, LLC Feels Extremely Confident In 2015 Sales Projections Based On Latest Pet Industry Figures. (ARTICLE) to continue to increase along with an upturn in disposable income as we see our economy recover. The year-over-year increase in disposable income matches the four percent projection in pet industry growth,” said Casey Dean Eberhart, Co-Founder of EVS, LLC. “The humanization of our pets is contributing the amount of money a household or pet owner is willing to spend on quality products for their pets.” He continued, “Pet “parents” is a new term we are hearing that associates those owners who truly treat their pet like any other parent would care for their (human) child.” Mr. Eberhart is confident that EVS, LLC will continue to boost sales by producing quality products and exceeding the expectations of the average consumer.

“We anticipate that there will be over 92 million pet owners in the U.S. by 2018,” he stated. “And those pet owners will continue to pamper their pets. We will do everything we can to ensure that our products are part of their everyday lifestyle.” EVS, LLC is currently sampling products to launch towards the end of 2014. Mr. Eberhart did not state exactly the type of products they are considering. However, he did guarantee that their top contender would not only be extremely versatile but also made with quality and value in mind.

EVS, LLC was founded by Brandon M. Vukelich and Casey Dean Eberhart in April 2014. It is based in Algona, Washington with their entire product line currently being distributed online.

About EVS, LLC

EVS, LLC is the maker of the professional strength pet stain and odor eliminator product, Pet Peeve. ((


How to Show Customer Appreciation (ARTICLE)

Date October 29, 2014

Thank You multi languages e1414622668891 How to Show Customer Appreciation (ARTICLE)

When it comes to business we have to find a way to show customer appreciation to our clients. After all without them we wouldn’t be in business. There are many ways to show thanks to your clients and depending on the size of your business as to what you can do to show your appreciation. You could send them a card, a gift, hold a customer appreciation day or hold a customer appreciation event. One of the best, unique, and memorable ways to show customer appreciation is with travel.

Now you are probably thinking how you can use travel to show customer appreciation. Very good question!

There are different ways you can use travel to show customer appreciation. You can give them a gift certificate for a specific amount to use towards a cruise or tour they wish to take. You could give them a Cruise certificate that have different levels and costs depending on type of cabin and length of cruise.

For the ultimate experience you could take a group of your top clients on an all expenses paid trip. You could do a golf experience where you visit some top golf courses to play a few rounds and maybe attend a major golf tournament. What about a wine cruise? You could do this on the European rivers where you visit wineries and enjoy some amazing food.

Maybe it could be a cruise that includes the Monaco Grand Prix, or a jazz cruise that includes visits to a jazz festival. How about a golf and spa experience. Your clients would have the option to play a few rounds of golf and/or relax in the spa.

How about a spa retreat? There are some great spa resorts where you can relaxing massages, facials, mineral wraps, yoga, etc. You could do a spa retreat on land or on a cruise ship.

The other great benefit of a customer appreciation trip is the great opportunities for networking that it presents. As your group travels together everyone gets to know each other and what they do. Customer appreciation trips can help develop the know, like, and trust factor quicker than a regular networking event with follow-up meetings. You could also strategically select which clients you take on the customer appreciation trip where you introduce them to people who could be strategic business partners for them. The benefit for you is not only do you give them a memorable trip, you also helped their business by introducing them to a strategic business partner. Who are they going to want to do business with when it comes to the product or service you provide?

If you would like more information about how to show customer appreciation please click HERE

How To Reinvent Your Career In Any Situation! (ARTICLE)

Date October 27, 2014

Let’s talk about money and accountability.

1.   What is your monthly income?  So many people do not know this!  I have an insurance business for over 10 years and when I ask this question the most common answer is, ” I know what I make a year and how much taxes I pay every year.”  That is not enough!  In order to financially plan well you need to know what your monthly expenses are whether it is 1,2, or 10 thousand dollars a month.  Without the answer to this question you have no idea how to prepare for a new career because you have no real idea of how much money that you need to make every month.

Include in the planning everything….even your fun.  Let’s be that analytical.  For example the specialty drinks you buy can add up to over $100 a month.

Once you know your real monthly bill you now know what the bare minimum is that you need to earn every single month.

2.  Are you in debt?  How much?  Do you need to make payment arrangements?  How are you handling your debt?  Are you staring at your paperwork…not answering the phone etc?  Is bankruptcy the answer?  I can not answer this however meet with a financial planner.  They are not just for the really wealthy.  Many planners will meet with you for an hour or two for a fee….and it is worth it if you find a good one.  Make sure that they are certified, do monthly budgeting,  can give you advice on negotiating your bills and making payment arrangements.   If you really can not afford this find a good friend and/or someone that you trust to do this with.

3.  You now know your monthly income that you need to live and your debt.  You now have established the real number that you need to earn to live.   What is the plan to do this?

Deep breath…no fear while working…each task is simple and you just keep going.  Next post we start on a plan.

Thanks Casey for allowing me to invade your space.  We will help thousands of people.   I am a member of Casey’s Platinum Inner Circle and so far I have personally invented my career 3 times in my own cancer journey.   I have had stage 4 cancer for over 10 years.  Join me in this series on reinventing your career.

I am 57 years young :).  I am a professional Patient Advocate.  I negotiate medical bills.  I had an insurance business for over 11 years.  I have a great time helping small businesses with their marketing needs using Send Out Cards.  If you want to join my circle or have questions about anything that I do you can email me at  Next post is coming!  Have a great day!