Flagship Product, Pet Peeve Stain & Stink Remover, Is Quick Winner For EVS, LLC.

By on October 5, 2014
Press Release: (September 30, 2014) Algona, Washington — EVS, LLC, a relatively new company to the U.S. pet marketplace, reportsPet Peeve Amazon Graphic - Bottle Front - Green Graphic early success with the launch of their flagship product, Pet Peeve Household Pet Stain & Stink Remover. The company had a soft-launch of the pet stain and odor eliminator product on August 24, 2014 that was followed by their full launch on September 2, 2014. This is the first phase of their pet product line.

Casey Dean Eberhart, Co-Founder of EVS, LLC, stated, “We are ecstatic about our first 30-day sales figures and are even more pleased by the perfect 5-star rating our customers are providing. We have a quick winner here!” He continued, “Our Company is focused on delivering high quality products and providing elevated customer service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers will always be 100% satisfied and return in the future. If we can’t work to consistently deliver first class products and build a loyal customer base, there isn’t any reason to be in business.” Mr. Eberhart also admitted that he was pleasantly surprised by the number of non-pet owners that have found his product useful around their recreational vehicles and boats.

EVS, LLC has not yet announced the name of their second product. They do have a tentative target date of November 1, 2014 to make that announcement. It is expected to be another consumable pet product, produced in the United States.

EVS, LLC was founded by two long-time friends and entrepreneurs in April 2014. It is based in Algona, Washington with all of their products currently distributed online.

Pet Stain Remover

About EVS, LLC

EVS, LLC is the maker of the professional strength pet stain and odor eliminator product, Pet Peeve. ((http://www.amazon.com/Best-Stain-Remover-Odor-Eliminator/dp/B00KZ09ZTC/))



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    Helen Brahms

    October 11, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    This product is AWESOME!!!! We have used other products in the past when our dog has had a “whoops”. There has always been some residual left behind, even after following the directions. With Pet Peeve we have not had those problems at all. In fact we have gone back to old stains and they are now GONE thanks to Pet Peeve. HIGHLY recommend this product to all pet owners.

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