How to find a decent Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company! (ARTICLE)

By on October 6, 2014

rich dad quoteThere are an estimated 92 million people in direct sales worldwide, with 15.6 million from the US.  Which company is hosting all of these marketers?  The answer: Hundreds are.

So that leaves a person with more than a handful of choices for a Multi-Level Marking company, for sure.  Drilling down to the perfect company is a process:

1)  First choice should be a product that resonates with you.  Unless you are passionate about a product, it’s hard to deliver passion to another person.

2)  What is the reputation of the company?  Everyone has an opinion and there is controversy everywhere.  Investigate but take all your research with a grain of salt.

3) Be sure that the people you are considering to partner with will provide you support, especially during your training period.  Talk to the current team members to see if there is the support that you will need—or if there may be too much support (after all, you are going into business for yourself!)

4) What does the company supply as far as support and training?  Does it feel like they are only money driven?  Do they believe in their product; or do they believe in the people who represent the product and company?

5) Investigate the compensation plan.  How often would you get paid? How many different ways will you be compensated for your time and effort?

6) Make a call to the Customer Service support line to see how fast your call is answered.

7) Look on the company’s website to see if it is sophisticated to your style.  Once you sign up, would you have your own website that is provided by the company?

8) Attend a meeting that is sponsored by the company to get the ‘flavor’ of the company.  Company culture is incredibly important.

9) Read up on the leadership of the company. Do they have the reputation you want to be associated it?  What kind of history do they have in the marketplace?  Is it a strong team?

I have been involved in several MLM’s over the years and for one reason or another, the company &/or product just didn’t feel right for me. After taking theSuccess (1) above steps to drill down into my current company that I’m a partner with, I am incredibly pleased with where I am.

Here’s a great reason why:  Not only is my company’s mission “to make people better” (proven in both the product and the opportunity), but they continually improve the compensation plan.  As a for instance, just recently they have enhanced the compensation plan where a new “brand partner” (the title given to all representatives) can earn an additional bonus (including commissions and products) in their first month!  That takes our compensation plan to 14 different ways to be compensated—simply amazing!

And although the above nine recommended steps may take a while to delve into, if it feels right, just do it!  Timing is everything and you do not want to miss an opportunity that could prove to be the best thing you have ever done in your entire life. We are always looking for the right person at the right time to make a difference in the world!

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    Robin Montecalvo

    October 6, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    It seems like you just described all the reasons I joined my company. Great article and glad you found your MLM!

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    Helen Brahms

    October 11, 2014 at 8:45 PM

    Great points to consider when looking at MLM’s. Some of the points you mentioned are things I’ve never considered.

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