Jerry Colangelo says Be A Sponge in today’s Quote Action!

By on June 14, 2011

Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“Be a sponge. Spend as much time as possible with people who truly know their craft and be a great listener. That is how you learn.”
Entrepreneur, Jerry Colangelo

Your action for today is to identify one person you can learn something from and make an appointment to go see them.

O.K. I admit, this picture had me laughing for a few minuter but the message is spot on!  One of the things that really helps to build a great network of people is to learn from your peers.  I have a list, an actual list, that has all of the people I would like to meet and get to know.  One of the habits I got into early on was to always be looking for opportunities to get to know the movers and shakers by taking them to lunch.  Think about this, how would you feel if someone called you and asked to take you to lunch just to get to know you? I am always looking for ways to enhance the people I know so when I take someone to lunch I am looking at it from a point of view on how I can support them in their business. I try not to make it about me at all but rather the give first way of thinking.

I hope you will make your  own list of the people you would like to get to know and invite at least one of them to lunch.

Give someone you want to meet an AWESOME day by inviting them to lunch!!

Have an extraordinary day!

Give someone an AWESOME day!!


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